CD Man Walks Among Us

CD Man Walks Among Us

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"Marty was born Martin David Robinson in Glendale Arizona on September 26, 1925. As a young boy Marty would go to the downtown Glendale movie theater where he would catch the latest Gene Autry movie. As a young boy he idolized Autry. Marty would back and forth through the desert to see those Western movies. It would be at night when Marty would walk home through the desert. He was not afraid because he just saw Gene Autry fight off the bad guys. Marty felt safe in the desert.

Man Walks Among Us is the most popular cowboy inspirational song sung today. Cowboy singers Don Edwards and Johnny Western still perform this song regularly. Listen to the lyrics closely and you can feel the desert warm air, the beauty of the desert, the coyote howling and you know that Marty Robbins is the Man That Walks Among Us" - from the liner notes by Executive Producer Fred Goodwin

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