CD The Cowboy is a Patriot

CD The Cowboy is a Patriot

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In 1942, Gene Autry promoted America's war efforts through his nationally broadcast weekly radio program with patriotic songs, public service announcements, dramatic re-enactments, and Wrigley's Gum commercials. Gene heard his country's call to arms and enlisted on the air in the Army Air Corps at the request of the Pentagon during his live Melody Ranch Radio Show broadcast on July 26. 1942. From that point, through the duration of World War II, singing Cowboy Gene Autry became Sgt. Gene Autry and broadcast weekly from military bases around the country and South Pacific. This CD features classic patriotic songs written during the war years reflecting the emotions of soldiers and their families back home. Gene Autry presented a first hand account of the war via his broadcasts with announcements, songs, and dramas that informed and entertained. Presented chronologically through the war years, this collection presents a window into our past.

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