Jemez Cowboy Story Teller

Jemez Cowboy Story Teller

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Handcrafted by Jemez Pueblo artist Felicia Fragua Curley

Felicia Fragua Curley was born and raised in the pueblo, where she lived with her parents and twelve brothers and sisters. She attended school in the pueblo, and at Santa Fe Indian School. Felicia comes from a family of famous Jemez potters. Her first teacher was her mother, Grace L. Fragua, a well-known and respected potter, who taught her how to make storytellers. Felicia began working with clay at age 13, helping her mother by scraping and sanding pots, and has been creating pottery ever since. Her designs range from the traditional Jemez storytellers she learned to make as a child to her own contemporary designs.

Height: 6"

Length: 5 1/4"