Mini Bronze

Mini Bronze "Cracker Jack"

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by Tim Shinabarger

From an early age, Tim Shinabarger developed an obsession with wildlife and wild places. He took a few art classes while attending Eastern Montana College, where he received a BA in business. He furthered his art education by attending workshops by prominent artists and studying the works of past masters. Shinabarger also has a background in taxidermy, and in the past worked as a guide, backcountry ranger, and forest-fire fighter.

Following in the footsteps of such pathfinders as Carl Rungius and Belmore Brown, Shinabarger makes regular pilgrimages into the wilderness to gather ideas for new works. In order to convey the essence of his elusive subjects, he says it is necessary to put himself in a position to directly observe them in the wild.

Shinabarger's wildlife studies and monumental celebrations of big-game animals have earned him honors and recognition from the National Sculpture Society, the Society of Animal Artists, and several prominent museums. His art is shown in several prestigious galleries throughout the United States, and he has placed works in collections worldwide.

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