Katsina Hopi Masawkatsina (Masaw Kachina)

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John Fredericks is from the Hopi Pueblo. Fredericks did not begin carving until the in the mid-1980s. At the time he was working as a mechanic and caught interest from his roommate Wilmer Kaye, a master carver. John decided to try his hand at it and found that he was a natural carver. John Fredericks has developed his own unique style and is now very popular carver.

Maasaw, also known as Skeleton Man, and as Lord of the Dead, teaches the Hopi people to live a simple and self-sufficient life. He was known to offer a bag of seeds, a gourd of water, a digging stick, and a cloak, demonstrating virtue through hard work and cultivation of the land. If the Hopi people dedicated life to their agricultural duties and respect for nature, Maasaw promised to watch over them and ensure a smooth passage into the afterlife.


Height: 14 1/2"