Kwivi Katsina Doll

Kwivi Katsina Doll

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Ernest Moore, who signs his work with his Hopi name Quanhoyeoma, spent most of his life living off the Hopi Reservation, returning to live in the village of Moenkopi in 1998. For many years Earnest worked as a graphic artist.

In 2003, he entered his work in the Heard Museum annual show and it won Best of Show, which then sold for $20,000 to the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

He won many awards including being designated an “Arizona Living Treasure,” in 2005.

Kwivi is a term that means someone who is overly dressed or too proud of his appearance. It can be used for any Katsina who wears lots of silver and is very fancy.

The Kwivi usually appears in a regular katsina dance and may be seen on all three mesas.

Free-standing and flat backside

Height: 10"