Letter Writer's Revival Celebration Kit

Letter Writer's Revival Celebration Kit

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This just in: SPUMONI STUDIO PREDICTS THE FUTURE--TRIPS TO MAILBOX ON THE RISE. That's right, we know stuff. Due to EXTREME screen fatigue from all the home-schooling and work-from-home, NETFLIX-streaming weeks of confinement, we are predicting the return of Snail Mail. Taking a break and writing a good old card or postcard is always a good thing to brighten someone's day, 'cause nothing's sadder than returning from the mailbox emptyhanded. Folks always love a full mailbox, so buy a kit and start giving! Kits contain:

6 unique postcards 4.25 X 5.5"

4 unique greeting cards & envelopes 4.25 X 5.5"

1 ballpoint pen with LWR logo

1 Special Delivery wooden rubber stamp 2.75 x 1"