I Saw It First! Ocean: A Family Spotting Game

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Three hundred ocean creatures populate the board of this carefully engineered game. Pick a counter from the box and be the first to spot that animal on the board! Coming in a triangular box with a hexagonal double-sided board, I Saw It First! Ocean features charming illustrations by Caroline Selmes. Simple to understand but addictive to play, this fun and challenging game will delight adults and children alike. Each counter features the animal's commonly used name, so you can learn about different species as you go. The hexagonal game board is composed of several double-sided triangular pieces that you can rearrange to keep the search for sea critters a challenge! Featuring 300 charming bespoke illustrations by Caroline Selmes. It's simple to understand and play, but addictively competitive! A fun and challenging game to delight adults and children alike.