DVD Last of the Pony Riders (1953)

DVD Last of the Pony Riders (1953)

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Gene Autry hits the danger trail to crush the badmen out to cripple the Pony Express in his final theatrical release Last of the Pony Riders. With the East and West now linked by telegraph, Gene loses his Pony Express job. He buys a stagecoach to carry government mail and soon discovers that crooks are trying to sabotage the express operations for their own benefit. Gene, his sidekick Smiley Burnette, and Champion must track down the renegade wreckers and administer six-gun justice to save their Pony Express pals!

Special Features:

  • Centennial Bonus! Phantom Empire, Chapter 11: "A Queen In Chains" and Phantom Empire, Chapter 12: "The End of Murania"
  • Centennial Bonus! Last of the Pony Riders with Spanish Subtitles!
  • Reminiscing with Gene Autry and Pat Buttram at the Melody Ranch Theater
  • Poster and Lobby Card Art
  • Production and Publicity Stills
  • Original Press Kit Material
  • Trivia and Movie Facts
  • Excerpts from the March 14, 1954 Melody Ranch radio show with Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, the Cass County Boys, the Gene Autry Blue Jeans, Carl Cotner's Melody Ranch Hard-Way-Six featuring Alvino Rey, and announcer Charles Lyon.

Actors and Artists: Gene Autry, Kathleen Case, Dick Jones, Smiley Burnette, and Champion.

Running Time: 59 Minutes
Fully Restored & Uncut
Region Code: Region 1 (Canada & USA Only)