CD The Gene Autry Show: 1950s TV Recordings

CD The Gene Autry Show: 1950s TV Recordings

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When the Gene Autry Show premiered on the CBS television network on July 23, 1950, millions of youngsters and a good many adults had been eagerly awaiting the event. Since the 1930s, folks of all ages had anxiously anticipated each new Gene Autry film and now they could enjoy his adventures in their own living rooms every Sunday night. The show retained that audience for six solid years, and nearly 100 episodes, before its final installment ran on Christmas Eve 1955.

As with any Autry production, music was an essential ingredient in these TV adventures. It was as a singer that Gene had first achieved success and he never abandoned that important base. He incorporated music into his TV show far more than any other star. With few exceptions, each television episode included at least one Autry song whether a cowboy standard or something less familiar. Of course, Gene's signature song "Back in the Saddle Again" served as the show's theme.

The ingredients of music, action and comedy combined into a weekly adventure that charmed America. The songs in this collection, all taken from the television series, exude the warmth that enabled Gene to create a unique bond between performer and audience during television's early, carefree days.

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