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Faces from the Land

Faces from the Land

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Faces from the Land: Twenty Years of Powwow Tradition
by Ben and Linda Marra

Monday through Friday, they may be construction workers, computer technicians, educators, or blackjack dealers. On weekends, however, when the drum of the powwow calls, North American Indians from Washington to New Jersey and beyond answer the invitation to dance by exchanging their workaday uniforms for majestic regalia.

To capture this vibrant collection of portraits, photographer Ben Marra and his wife, Linda, traveled to powwows across North America, documenting the brilliant colors, incredible craftsmanship, and personal significance of the regalia worn at these events. More than their physical beauty, Marra's photographs reveal an essential quality of these outfits: They are a source of pride for the individual wearing them. Heritage, family, tribe, and culture are woven into the dancing dress as inextricably as any thread. Each dancer recounts his or her own journey to the drum circle in testimonies collected by Linda. In Faces from the Land, one thing becomes clear: A new generation of Native Americans is determined and honor-bound to keep the dancing tradition alive. --from jacket cover