Epic Mexico:

Epic Mexico:

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A History from Earliest Times

by Terry Rugeley

Spanning the full breadth of Mexico’s long and storied past in one compact volume, Epic Mexico provides an unparalleled view of Mexican history, at once comprehensive, succinct, and consistently engaging. The book’s story reaches from the days of the saber-tooth tiger to those of its perhaps more dangerous modern counterpart, the narco-trafficker; and from the time of the Olmec and the Aztec through the Spanish Conquest to the complex pluralistic society of contemporary Mexico.

Although the book does not shrink from today’s urgent issues—including public violence, environmental challenges, public health problems, and struggles with diversity—historian Terry Rugeley underscores the many important accomplishments of the Mexican people over time, balancing political crises with genuine triumphs. Along with matters political and military, Epic Mexico addresses the development of the arts, including literature, music, and cinema. The volume also keeps an eye on the nation’s long and often problematic relationship with its neighbor to the north.

Though concise, Epic Mexico presents an inclusive portrait of Mexican history and society, exploring the varied roles and contributions of native ethnicities, Africans, women, immigrants, and peoples of different regional and religious orientations. It is the most thorough and thoroughly readable one-volume history of Mexico from antiquity to our day.