George Carlson: The American West

George Carlson: The American West

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The American West

By George Carlson

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No comprehensive book of George Carlson’s work has ever before been published, making this magnificent volume an incomparable addition to the libraries of collectors and students of Western art and American landscape painting. Likened to the French and American Impressionists, who turned to nature’s beauty for relief from the industrialized world, Carlson is regarded as one of the most important American artists of his generation. His Prix de West triumphs have come in two different mediums: sculpture and, more recently, landscape painting.

Recognized as one of America’s greatest bronze sculptors, Carlson is also a master at using pastels and oils. Carlson’s tactile, textured landscape paintings are viewed as bold touchstones for a new movement taking hold in Western art—and it is inspiring new generations of Realists and Impressionists.

With nature as his muse, Carlson is an American treasure, and this book demonstrates how and why he is making his own impactful contribution to the canon of art history.